The Bell

History about the bell of St Peters Chruch, Sark

The first tower housed the ‘island bell’.  This ancient bell was given to the settlers in 1580 by Philippe de Carteret, future Seigneur.  It used to hang from a wooden belfry on a mound in the Clos de la Tour de la Cloche, just to the east of the church site, and was rung to raise the alarm in cases of fire or shipwreck.  By 1883 the raising of the tower was complete, again using much dark grey Guernsey granite, and the belfry strengthened.  A new deep-toned bell was cast from ‘two old six-pounders’, brass cannon which had provided Sark’s defence since Elizabethan times.  The old ‘island bell’ was mounted on the schoolhouse, where it still is.


Article by Mr David Godwin on the history of the bell of St Peters church.